Cartridge Vs Wooden Spatula Vs Metal Spatula


Cartridge Vs Wooden Spatula Vs Metal Spatula

With so many methods of waxing with strip wax, therapists are spoilt for choice on what to use in a treatment room.

But which method is more cost effective? Which is the fastest? Which is the most hygienic?


Let’s compare….


Cartridge: An easy choice for most therapists, as this doesn’t require much skill or technique. The cartridge allows for a very quick application with a consistent amount of product used per treatment. For a fast paced salon this is ideal, quick change of cartridge when one is finished, at 100g’s per unit a minimum heating time needed before its ready to use. Salon can also change the “flavour” of the cartridge with no fuss, allowing them to keep up with trends, or change of seasons.

E.g. Coconut or raspberry during the summer months.

Cartridges can be tricky to clean in between treatments as you can’t hygienically clean the roller completely, as well as the inside of the cartridge holder are often left un-cleaned.

There is a small amount of product wastage when using cartridges, as not all of the wax can be rolled out of the cartridge.


Wooden Spatula: The most tradition of the three methods, the wooden spatula is probably the most unpopular of the three.

The wooden spatula is used in all training schools to teach up and coming therapists the basic technique of wax application. Most therapist struggle with achieving the correct technique, and find the wooden spatula a very messy way of waxing.

The wood absorbs wax allowing only a little to be applied at a time, and creates a drag on the skin when wax is being applied.

The wooden spatula can be the most hygienic of the three as you can throw away the spatula after every application, for the no re dipping method, on the other hand that can be a more costly method of waxing because of the quantity of spatulas need for each treatment.


Metal Spatula: An upgrade to the wooden spatula but used in the exact same way.

With the metal of the spatula, if a therapist is not careful they can burn the client if the spatula is left on top of a working wax pot or inside the heated wax, so extra care is needed when placing it down.

Technique is still needed to apply wax with the metal spatula so therapists who are not fully comfortable with the application technique may still find this method messy and slower than the cartridge system

The metal spatula has a wooden handle which prevents therapists from getting sticky with wax while busy with their treatment. It does not absorb any product which allows the therapist to use all of the wax on the spatula at one time and in turn, use less product, make this method much quicker than the wooden spatula.

There is no skin drag during this method creating more client comfort.

This is also easier and more efficient to clean that the other two methods. You are able to sterilize the spatula before each client and you can then reuse it. Because the spatula can be re-used for several years before needing to be replaced, unlike cartridge heater or wooden spatula, it becomes very cost effective


So which is better?

The method that best suits you!


Written by Lynda Germshuys

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