Waks aan, Waks af


Waks aan, waks af, is dit regtig so eenvoudig soos die opskryf dit laat blyk? Sit die waks aan, haal die waks af?

Na 14 jaar as n Somotoloog kan ek jul verseker dit is nie so maklik nie. Wat die waks behandeling wel makliker maak is die produk waarmee jy as klient gewaks word en die produk waarmee die terapeut jou waks.

Wat bepaal of ons met n goeie waks werk?

  1. Die bestandele van die waks
  2. Die Konsekwentheid van die waks
  3. Die doeltreffendheid van die waks

Waarvoor vra ek as ek vir n waks wil boek?

  1. Watter waks gebruik die spa of salon op die bikini, gesig en onderarm area?

Antwoord: Warm Waks

  1. Watter waks gebruik die spa of salon op die bene, rug, bors en arm area?

Antwoord: Koue Waks

Hierdie is baie belangrike vrae, want sodra n terapeut n koue waks op jou gesig, bikini of onderarms gebruik kan dit meer vel verwyder as wat dit moet en in die toekoms kan dit vir jou pigmentasie probleme veroorsaak. Warm waks moet op hierdie sensitiewe areas ten alle tye gebruik word. Daar is wel salonne en spa’s wat die konsep van die olie onder die warm waks gebruik, wat uitstekend is, want dit beskerm jou vel. As terapeut kan jy nooit vel verwyder as jy die olie reg gebruik, wat dan ook voorkom dat jy pigmentasie op hierdie sensitiewe areas kan kry.

Die kwaliteit van n koue waks is van uiters belang, want as n salon of spa met n koue waks werk wat baie taai is, is die kanse dat jy; a) meer vel kan verwyder as normaal, b) dat jy die hare kan breek, wat die oorsaak van meer ingroei hare kan wees en c) dat jy natuurlik na die tyd aan jou klere gaan vas sit. Dit sal nie n goeie waks ondervinding wees nie.

Volgende kom ek by die verskillende bikini en been wakse wat ons dames en here vreeslik kan verwar. Aangesien nie net ons dames deesdae bikini en been wakse doen nie.

In baie lande word verskillende terminologie gebruik en dit kan die klient en ons terapeute redelik verwar. ONTHOU as hare eers verwyder is kan dit nie terug gesit word nie trust me I know, been there done that as n terapeut en dit is aaklig vir die terapeut en die klient as daar miskommunikasie is.

Die volgende diagram wys baie mooi waar op die verskillende areas gewaks word;

Bikini Diagram

Bikini Area:

  1. Basiese Bikini waks
  2. G-string Bikini waks
  3. Brazillian
  4. Hollywood

Been Area:

  1. Vol Been waks
  2. ¾ Been waks
  3. ½ Been waks

Luister asseblief baie mooi na die terapeut se raad voor jou waks en na jou waks; dit is net ten voordeel van jou as klient.

Voor die Waks behandeling;

  1. Moet asseblief nie room op jou lyf sit voor jou waks. Geen room vergemaklik net die waks prosedure.
  2. Moet asseblief nie in n sauna of stoomkamer sit voor jou waks behandeling nie.
  3. Moet asseblief nie enige plaaslike verdowing gebruik voor jou waks behandeling nie.
  4. Geen afskilfering behandelinge met Glycolic acid voor jy gaan vir n waks behandeling

Na die Waksbehandeling;

  1. Geen oefening, sauna of stoomkamers,
  2. Geen son,
  3. Geen Afskilfering behandelinge met Glycolic acid na jou waks behandeling nie

Kontra-Indikasies vir Waks behandelinge;

  1. Oop wonde en bloukolle
  2. Reaccutane
  3. Sonbrand
  4. Moesies
  5. Spatare


Ek hoop met die informasie verskaf dat dit jou waks behandeling in die toekoms baie aangenaam sal maak. Informasie is die sleutel na jou wonderlike waks aan, waks af ervaring .



Geskryf deur Karien Harmse

Cartridge Vs Wooden Spatula Vs Metal Spatula


Cartridge Vs Wooden Spatula Vs Metal Spatula

With so many methods of waxing with strip wax, therapists are spoilt for choice on what to use in a treatment room.

But which method is more cost effective? Which is the fastest? Which is the most hygienic?


Let’s compare….


Cartridge: An easy choice for most therapists, as this doesn’t require much skill or technique. The cartridge allows for a very quick application with a consistent amount of product used per treatment. For a fast paced salon this is ideal, quick change of cartridge when one is finished, at 100g’s per unit a minimum heating time needed before its ready to use. Salon can also change the “flavour” of the cartridge with no fuss, allowing them to keep up with trends, or change of seasons.

E.g. Coconut or raspberry during the summer months.

Cartridges can be tricky to clean in between treatments as you can’t hygienically clean the roller completely, as well as the inside of the cartridge holder are often left un-cleaned.

There is a small amount of product wastage when using cartridges, as not all of the wax can be rolled out of the cartridge.


Wooden Spatula: The most tradition of the three methods, the wooden spatula is probably the most unpopular of the three.

The wooden spatula is used in all training schools to teach up and coming therapists the basic technique of wax application. Most therapist struggle with achieving the correct technique, and find the wooden spatula a very messy way of waxing.

The wood absorbs wax allowing only a little to be applied at a time, and creates a drag on the skin when wax is being applied.

The wooden spatula can be the most hygienic of the three as you can throw away the spatula after every application, for the no re dipping method, on the other hand that can be a more costly method of waxing because of the quantity of spatulas need for each treatment.


Metal Spatula: An upgrade to the wooden spatula but used in the exact same way.

With the metal of the spatula, if a therapist is not careful they can burn the client if the spatula is left on top of a working wax pot or inside the heated wax, so extra care is needed when placing it down.

Technique is still needed to apply wax with the metal spatula so therapists who are not fully comfortable with the application technique may still find this method messy and slower than the cartridge system

The metal spatula has a wooden handle which prevents therapists from getting sticky with wax while busy with their treatment. It does not absorb any product which allows the therapist to use all of the wax on the spatula at one time and in turn, use less product, make this method much quicker than the wooden spatula.

There is no skin drag during this method creating more client comfort.

This is also easier and more efficient to clean that the other two methods. You are able to sterilize the spatula before each client and you can then reuse it. Because the spatula can be re-used for several years before needing to be replaced, unlike cartridge heater or wooden spatula, it becomes very cost effective


So which is better?

The method that best suits you!


Written by Lynda Germshuys

Wax Works!



What is the most sought after treatment that your salon offers? According to the Beauty industry Survey, smooth, hair-free body is something that the majority of us cannot live without, with waxing coming out on top as one of the most popular treatment out there.

As a waxing professional you will have been to college and proudly come away with a certificate allowing you to carry the technique where hair is ripped from the roots (no pain, no gain, as they say) But as time goes on and fashion trends come and go, so do waxing trends. These days it’s important that waxing professionals keep on top of the game and are able to offer their trend-savvy clientele more advanced techniques.


Once upon a time people only dared to visit the salon for a simple leg, underarm or bikini wax. Now days your clients are pushing the waxing boundaries and asking for treatments by the name of Brazilian, Hollywood or even Las Vegas or Playboy. Would you know exactly what these advanced techniques were and how to carry them out if you were asked?

In recent years Brazilian and Hollywood has become salon staple but I would imagine the leg waxing is still up there with the most popular waxing treatments.


Why waxing?

Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal, which removes the hair from the root and is popular with both men and women these days as hair will not grow back for two – eight weeks. Repeated waxing weakens the roots of the hair, leaving the hair to grow back finer, resulting in a smother finish.


Waxing can be used as an effective hair removal method on many areas of the body, it’s vital that you prepared for all kind of requests , from facial waxing , specialised bikini waxing and male waxing, to how to treat pregnant clients and which types of wax and techniques are best for dealing with a particular area of the body.


Getting intimate

A Bikini wax remains top of the waxing charts, but the removal of hair from the pubic area is certainly not a new fashion fad; many historic cultures removed hair as far back as Egyptians, where a hairless body demonstrated both beauty and youth. Women of the Egyptian times used depilatory creams as well as waxed with sticky emulsion made of oil and honey, similar to what is known today as sugaring.


Greek women also took removing pubic hair. The ancient Greeks believed that pubic hair on a woman was unsightly and therefore the upper class ladies would remove it. Evidence of this can be seen in sculptures from the times of the ancient Greeks where women are shown as polished and shiny and males as having pubic hair. Mediterranean countries would also remove hair from the genital area in aid of hygiene and religion.


Today the removal of pubic hair through waxing is more for aesthetic reasons and to keep up with current trends. One of the most popular trends and pushing the standard bikini line that bit further is the Brazilian, which involves the hair being removed from the pubic area and just leaving a strip of hair up and over the pubic mound.


The desire for a Brazilian wax began in Brazil with the craze of the bikini thongs. In 1987 the Brazilian was introduced to New York when seven Brazilian sisters opened a salon midtown Manhattan offering the little know technique. Since then bikini lines have been changed forever, with not only the Brazilian waxing being sought after but also waxing techniques such as Playboy, Las Vegas, Californian and Hollywood, leaving scarcely any hair at all!


In order to keep on top of the game and compete with other salons in your area its essential that you offer advanced treatments otherwise you will certainly lag behind and witness clients beginning to dwindle away.

Before you can begin to offer these treatments, it’s important that you and your staff are fully competent in them. You may have carried out hundreds of bikini waxes over the years, but you would be foolish to think that you could take on a bigger challenge when it comes to intimate waxing without expanding your skills.


You may have decided to offer your clients every kind of intermit waxing going and have your pen at the ready to sign up for a training course, but first of all take a look at your client demographic and talk to them. Would the majority of your clients want all the different types of waxing available or would it be more worthwhile to spend your time and money on a course which specialises in just certain intimate waxing techniques to better suit their needs and requirements.

To get you thinking about what your clients might want, let’s take a look at what each of the different types of intimate waxing are:

Brazilian – the hair is removed from the pubic area leaving a strip of hair approximately 1 inch wide up and over the pubic mound.

Hollywood – this is where all the hair is removed from the pubic area right back to the anal area, leaving your clients completely bare!

Playboy – this is similar to the Hollywood whereby all the hair is removed from the pubic, buttock and anal area but then the pubic mound is decorated with henna.

Las Vegas – the client can either choose between a Brazilin or Hollywood effect and then the pubic mound is blinded up with the application of a diamante jewel design.

Californian – just the same as a Brazilian but the ‘landing strip’ that is left is coloured

Shaping – the hair on the pubic mound is shaped by working around the temple, for example, a heart shape or V shape.


When you talk to your clients you might find that a lot would be interested in the Brazilian and Hollywood but perhaps not in the others, therefore it would be wise to invest more time and effort into perfecting a Brazilian and Hollywood allowing you to offer a better quality of service.

All man

Women have been ridding their bodies of unsightly hair for many years but gone are the days where hairy men were seen as the ideal. These days the gents are wanting to bi in on the waxing scene too with then blitzing the hair on their chest, back and even legs, right through to more intimate areas.


Waxing and the bump

Just because one of your regular clients becomes pregnant is doesn’t mean that you should shy away from them, after all pregnant ladies still want to be pampered and left feeling and looking gorgeous. You should be aware that there are some salon treatments that aren’t suitable for the pregnant lady, but as a trained therapist you should already know what treatments these are.


As far as waxing goes, there is nothing to stop your clients carrying on with their waxing regime throughout their pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not a illness but a temporary condition. Comfort is the most apparent aspect of adjusting your technique, especially in the latter days. However, as long as you are aware that your client is pregnant – not always easy to tell in the early months- and as long as you avoid sensitive areas such as the nipples and belly and make sure that record cards are updated and signed, treatment should not be a problem.


One of the main things to bear in mind whilst treating pregnant women is that the skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy as there is more blood flowing to the skin, especially the pubic area, which means any tugging of the skin during waxing could be a little more painful. If your client is a regular waxer then they will probably be more accustomed to the pain and able to deal with it better, however those women that have never waxed before, may find it too painful, particularly around the bikini area. Because of the sensitivity of the skin you may also wish to carry out a patch test before the treatment for peace of mind.


Depending on how far along the client is, your biggest challenge with waxing a pregnant lady is getting them into the right position comfortably and reaching the areas that you are waxing.

With pregnant women, comfort is key. There are different angles and positions to put them in so that they are at ease while waxing. Always make sure that there are extra pillows under the wax sheet to accommodate and support them where necessary. You mustn’t use chemicals on pregnant women either – only all natural waxes. You may also want to book an extra few minutes with them so they don’t feel rushed as movement for them can sometimes be awkward and a little more time consuming.


If you tend to lose your regular clients when they become pregnant, try and entice them back with special packages especially for the pregnant lady. Incorporate waxing treatments into the packages such as bikini wax and leg wax. The last few weeks of pregnancy is the perfect time to market your pre-birth packages because if waxing is done just before the birth, it will last well into the early days of parenthood, when your clients have other things to pre-occupy them. You could also incorporate other pregnancy-friendly treatments into the packages to help relax and prepare mum-to-be, for example a manicure and pedicure which include a hand a foot massage and a back massage or facial but make sure that the products you are using are safe to be used on pregnancy clients.



It seems to be a running theme that training is the essential to furthering your waxing skills, particularly if you looking to introduce new and advanced techniques to your salon. Although you should not forget that it is also vital that your basic treatments are kept on top of and not left to deteriorate, as this could seriously harm your business.

Essential Salon Supplies training courses provide you and your qualified therapists with all the skill necessary to perform a fast, efficient and thorough treatment, focusing on everything from how the system will fit into your work place, speed waxing, Female Brazilian waxing to client comfort and correct product usage.

For those that are keeping up to date by offering male waxing treatments, perfect your technique with Essetial salon supplies Male Brazilian wax course.


Before and After

In order for a waxing treatment to be good, the pre and post care is equally important as the wax itself. When you purchase wax from Essential Salon Supplies, be sure to take note of the before and aftercare and explain to your clients any aftercare procedure that they should be carrying out at home.


Italwax offer a range of essential pre and post products. The range consists of ALOE CLENASER to cleanse before, during and after all waxing, LEMON or CHAMOMILE OIL to pre-soothe and protect the skin while hot waxing, WHITE ORCHID EMULISION (with an added bonus of a HAIR RETARDANT) to soothe, hydrate and protect as well as LEMON or CHAMOMILE OIL to soothe and remove residue after strip wax.

EQUIPMENT SOLVENT to dissolve and cleanse wax off equipment, clothes and floors.


Written by Lynda Germshuys